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Windows The Verge confirms an earlier story by Mary Jo Foley. "Microsoft is preparing to revive the traditional Start button it killed with Windows 8. Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have revealed to The Verge that Windows 8.1 will include the return of the Start button. We understand that the button will act as a method to simply access the Start Screen, and will not include the traditional Start Menu. The button is said to look near-identical to the existing Windows flag used in the Charm bar."
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RE[5]: Missing the point
by tylerdurden on Mon 22nd Apr 2013 20:49 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Missing the point"
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Perhaps the problem may be that the metro design team assumed that "simpler" and "intuitive" were synonym, when that is not the case, at all. So even through I have had no significant issue working under Windows 8, because I use desktop apps mainly, there are a lot of corners in the metro experience where simplicity and usability seem to come at odds with each other.

Which is why all the improvements I have heard so far, regarding Windows 8, revolve around the concept of REVEALING information to the user. Which makes perfect sense, because the first thing one experiences after using windows 8 for the first time is "disorientation." Not because the user is overwhelmed with information, but for the opposite reason: the user is underwhelmed with information regarding what the system can do.

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