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Google "The family of Android malware that slipped past security defenses and infiltrated Google Play is more widespread than previously thought. New evidence shows it was folded into three additional apps and has been operating for at least 10 months, according to security researchers." Google removed most of it, but not before it was installed anywhere between 2 to 9 million times - finally some figures from Google itself, and not scaremongering by antivirus companies. At 9 million, that's 1.2% of all Android devices sold.
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No thanks.
by UltraZelda64 on Tue 23rd Apr 2013 01:26 UTC
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"The takeaway for Android users is to consider running a smartphone antivirus app."

And we'll end up with the same problems that people have on Windows: Cell phones everywhere will run slow as anti-virus software sucks up CPU time and RAM, causing false positives like the recent Malwarebytes dud that downed countless computers, and in the end people will still get infected because they will feel "safe" and think they can do anything. Meanwhile, no program will successfully defend against all malware. Meanwhile, we'll get the added annoyance that this extra resource hogging sucks our batteries dry.

No thanks, that doesn't sound like the kind of thing I want to go back to. I already have a serious lack of storage space, I can't even install everything that I want, there's no way in hell I'll get an anti-virus program that will continue to get bigger and bigger with no end.

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