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Google "The family of Android malware that slipped past security defenses and infiltrated Google Play is more widespread than previously thought. New evidence shows it was folded into three additional apps and has been operating for at least 10 months, according to security researchers." Google removed most of it, but not before it was installed anywhere between 2 to 9 million times - finally some figures from Google itself, and not scaremongering by antivirus companies. At 9 million, that's 1.2% of all Android devices sold.
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Getting you bit by bit
by orfanum on Tue 23rd Apr 2013 04:55 UTC
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So, most of the said apps originate from Russia or are Russian-language specific. Why is this a surprise to anyone? Even from the days of searching for files via ftp servers I have avoided .ru ones (as well as Chinese-bases hosts) even where these were apparently attached to legit institutions seemingly, such as in the educational sector.

Also, doing a search for 'bitdefender' via Google Play gives one the first option of 'Bitdefender mobile security'. Take a look at the permissions that programme demands. Is this legit, and if it is, why would Bitdefender need such access to my device? If it isn't, why is it there and why does Google's search algorithm present it as the top choice?

I am a reasonably savvy hobbyist user (which means mostly I have absorbed enough information to be on the sanely side of twitchy rather than having become technically expert as such over the years) but getting corroboration of validity and authenticity even when alarm bells start to ring seems to me to be getting gradually harder and harder to achieve with confidence since the advent of smartphones.

I may be rambling here (as an amateur that's another hit-and-miss risk one takes) so am open to being corrected.

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