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Games "Why has the SimCity story gone away? It's a good question. And the answer for it reveals much about how both the games industry, and the games journalism industry, work." Telling - not just for the game journalism, but all of it. As a sidenote, you can always rely on Rock Paper Shotgun to bring the best gaming news. Under-appreciated gem of online news reporting.
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The whole point is that it is a video game and tbh this shit is to be expected.

I bought Crysis 3 at launch which was in February, it didn't work 100% on my Nvidia Card (very very very crashy). Only recently (last week) has the game been patched to work properly with the card. Where was the uproar about it being AMD optimised?

Yeah I should have known it would be pretty buggy, but I was sold on playing the game and thought "I could put up with it", I was wrong. The game was almost unplayable until recently.

Rage on the PC only recently had a Patch that made it work properly with AMD cards again no uproar.

The original Xbox 360 owners got screwed with the red ring of death. At lets not forget Ubisoft with their shitty gimped PC releases.

Like the gambling industry and the porn industry, gaming is something where they will try to get every last penny out of you. It doesn't matter if it is right or wrong, you gotta get used to it and buy smart.

Sorry the continues whining about something which at the end of the day is entertainment is just infantile. It like going to the cinema and demanding your money back because you didn't like the movie.

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