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Games "Why has the SimCity story gone away? It's a good question. And the answer for it reveals much about how both the games industry, and the games journalism industry, work." Telling - not just for the game journalism, but all of it. As a sidenote, you can always rely on Rock Paper Shotgun to bring the best gaming news. Under-appreciated gem of online news reporting.
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Sorry the continues whining about something which at the end of the day is entertainment is just infantile. It like going to the cinema and demanding your money back because you didn't like the movie.

Wow, both you and the other commenter miss the whole point here: companies shouldn't screw you over. Period. It's not about the product itself, it's about the whole premise of companies doing shit deliberately and still getting away with it. But no, both of you insist on just seeing SimCity, not the big picture.

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