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Games "Why has the SimCity story gone away? It's a good question. And the answer for it reveals much about how both the games industry, and the games journalism industry, work." Telling - not just for the game journalism, but all of it. As a sidenote, you can always rely on Rock Paper Shotgun to bring the best gaming news. Under-appreciated gem of online news reporting.
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It is not a call to arms mate.

It is entertainment. If you are worried you might not like it, let early adopters and journalists try it for you and then you can choose based on their feedback whether it is worth it or not.

This is a sensible way of buying things and doesn't require a call to arms. It called being sensible and being a bit wise.

While you guys like to preach to the choir, most intelligent people either try before they buy or they listen to other people's experiences and make a judgement afters.

Some like to take the risk and be early adopters. That fine if you one of those, but a lot of people aren't.

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