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Games "Why has the SimCity story gone away? It's a good question. And the answer for it reveals much about how both the games industry, and the games journalism industry, work." Telling - not just for the game journalism, but all of it. As a sidenote, you can always rely on Rock Paper Shotgun to bring the best gaming news. Under-appreciated gem of online news reporting.
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Opportunity missed
by Kochise on Wed 24th Apr 2013 07:27 UTC
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The article's author should have made bold statements out in the wild, "forging" facts if necessary to push EV and Maxis to make a counter PR statement. Keeping the low profile, making only light assertions while proofs are bloody here and users' experience can be witnessed, is also playing the role as any game press editorialist.

Tabloids often reveals hidden truth because they push things a bit over the line. I know the press wants to keep a kinda professionalism, but the way it is currently run, it doesn't work, and they know it. So what's up doc ?


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