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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless They're here! Whether that excites you or not remains to be seen, but the Galaxy S4, which will most likely become the best selling Android smartphone of the year by a huge margin, has been reviewed by all the major sites, and there's lots of interesting conclusions in there - although I think most of you will get the gist.
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I'm kind of digging it so far
by WorknMan on Wed 24th Apr 2013 23:04 UTC
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I need a phone for work, so I might pick this one up. Insofar as bloatware, I'll probably be okay with it, and might even use some of it. For example, I'm told that the S3 (and I assume the S4) won't dim the phone while you're looking at it. I don't know how many times I've cursed my Nexus 4 when it dims the screen while I'm reading something. I'm also interested in being able to give voice commands to my phone while I drive, which is something that stock Android fails miserably at. I don't know about the S-health stuff, but I'll definitely give it a look.

In regard to the HTC One ...
Seems about the only thing this phone has going for it is the aluminum build. From what I've been reading, the S4 destroys it in just about every other area. And to be honest, I like the feel of the S3 better, because the plastic body makes the phone lighter, which I really like. They say the S4 is even thinner and lighter than the S3. I don't see a lot of complaints about the S3's durability, so I'm not overly concerned about it. I haven't cracked the glass body of my Nexus 4 yet, so I think it'll be alright ;)
I did play with the HTC One at Best Buy. I don't know how they managed to f--k up the app drawer so bad, but that's nothing in comparison to the craptastic Blinkfeed. For anyone defending that bullshit by saying 'you can just ignore it or install a launcher', I hope you die screaming ;) Oh, and then there's the honkin' huge HTC logo and the 2-button setup. I'd have gladly given up one of the speakers on the front for an extra button. Even if I loved the feel of the phone (which I don't), I'd never be able to look past these things. If I wanted a phone with a non-removable battery to install CM on, I'd just buy a Nexus.

So what about the Nexus phones and Keyline Pie? Well, it seems that Google has nothing but contempt for people who buy a Nexus phone, as opposed to one of the fake Android phones like the S4. First, they don't stock nearly enough of them, then they wait several months before releasing a charging dock. I swear to god, it's like the Nexi are the black sheep of Android phones. Plus, if KLP is anything like the recent builds of stock Android, they'll probably require several builds to work out the bugs, so I might be content with letting Nexus 5 users be Google's beta testers. I had enough of that shit with 4.2 and its broken bluetooth stack. And I haven't installed any custom roms on my N4 anyway... guess I'm getting too old for that kind of thing. As long as I can root the S4 and install an ad blocker, that's really all I need.

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