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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless They're here! Whether that excites you or not remains to be seen, but the Galaxy S4, which will most likely become the best selling Android smartphone of the year by a huge margin, has been reviewed by all the major sites, and there's lots of interesting conclusions in there - although I think most of you will get the gist.
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RE: I do not know what to think.
by griffinme on Thu 25th Apr 2013 14:39 UTC in reply to "I do not know what to think."
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There are two profs at the Uni I work at that were college roommates. One has taught comp sci, math, chemistry and started the IT dept here in the 80's. The other has just taught regular classes in the English dept. The science prof insists that his old Apple IIe's are just fine for tracking experiments. There is no need for these new fangled machines. The admission's tours have instructions to avoid that area of the sci building because it is embarrassing to see machines from the 80's or older.

The other prof uses an iPad, Apple TV device, and Pollycom for video conferencing. All at his request. No, actually he insisted since IT was not sure those devices would be useful yet.

Take a guess which one is up for VP of Academics and which one was quietly suggested that he retire? The new VP gave a very nice speech at the sci prof's retirement dinner.

Which one are you going to be with statements like this?

... I sold my last smartphone a long way back and it is just so darn liberating to not be having one.
The phones are distractions and annoyances at best... You can fill in the worst below, but you know you all had them, or atleast some of them.

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