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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 13.04 has been released, with the Linux 3.8.8 kernel, a faster and less resource hungry Unity desktop, LibreOffice 4.0, and much more. Ubuntu users will know where to get it, and you're looking for a new installation, have fun. Also fun: UbuntuKylin.
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by Alfman on Thu 25th Apr 2013 19:32 UTC in reply to "Re: Re: Comment by kurkosdr"
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"Theoretically, this is true. Practically, Linux Desktop doesn't care about API stability and backcompat, so, for the average user who doesn't want to do things 'at his own risk' (aka see things getting broken), it has the effect of a walled garden."

The linux kernel has kept userspace backwards compatibility strong for ages. It's remotely possible an API regression occurred here, but it's far more likely that Wemgadge's explanation was the case since he indicates breakages are normal for vmware after OS upgrades. Vmware is very atypical in that it bypasses the *stable* userspace APIs all together. It is completely fair to criticize the lack of linux kernel space API & ABI stability for other reasons. However equating that to a walled garden is very...imaginative ;)

Edit: Look, I have no problem criticizing genuine linux distro breakages, they bother me too, but they all lack the most important attribute needed to call something a walled garden - the walls that block you from installing outside software.

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