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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 13.04 has been released, with the Linux 3.8.8 kernel, a faster and less resource hungry Unity desktop, LibreOffice 4.0, and much more. Ubuntu users will know where to get it, and you're looking for a new installation, have fun. Also fun: UbuntuKylin.
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As usual...
by Gullible Jones on Thu 25th Apr 2013 20:10 UTC
Gullible Jones
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Better performance but not by much. Needs a bunch of stuff adjusted in order to be usable.

Transparent hugepage support -> OFF. Memory compaction makes desktops lag like mad during I/O.

zram swap -> ON. Much better than swapping (or using up all your RAM and running out of FS cache space).

"laptop mode" support in pm-utils -> OFF, because it screws up important sysctl settings.

Sysctl variables: vm.dirty_ratio -> 2, vm.dirty_background_ratio -> 1. Modern computers have lots of fast RAM and lots of slow disk storage; you don't wait until pending writes occupy 50+ MB of RAM before starting to flush, that's stupid.

Also, zcache -> ON. Not as helpful as zram swap, but can't hurt.

Overall it's not bad. But the enforced 3D desktop still hurts, as does waiting 5 seconds for the alt-tab window to pop up.

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