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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "According to new research from Strategy Analytics, global Android tablet shipments have increased 177 percent annually to 17.6 million units. The total number of tablets shipped in Q1 of 2013 was 40.6 million. Since 17.6 million of those 40 million tablets where powered by Android then it means that Android has a 43 percent global share. The other two big operating systems (and their respective eco-systems) in the global tablet market are Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT. Apple still leads the race with a 48 percent market share, while Microsoft has managed to go from nothing (since Windows 8 RT is its first real tablet OS) to a 7.5 percent market share by selling some 3 million Windows based tablets." If these figures are even remotely accurate, we're going to see Android dominate the tablet (in market share) too. Not good. The Windows RT figures are a shimmer of hope, though.
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How is it 'not good'?
by rklrkl on Thu 25th Apr 2013 22:36 UTC
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I'm a little confused about how the increase in Android tablets is 'not good'. When the iPad originally launched in 2010, Apple quickly established a monopoly position in the tablet market and as we well know (Microsoft being an example on desktop PCs), monopolies tend to fail to innovate and often don't produce particularly good value for money either.

So how is it a bad thing that the growth Android has shown removes Apple's monopoly position? Plus the emergence of Windows as a third place player to keep the other two on their toes isn't too shabby either.

I think if Android hit 90%+ levels that Apple had a couple of years ago, then I think it would be something to be concerned about, but as it stands, this is a bit of a non-story.

What Android does that Apple has failed to do in the last year or so is innovate, in terms of the OS, the hardware, the form factor and obviously the pricing as well. It's why Android is massively growing in popularity - there's loads of choice, the full price range is covered and the best Android tablets now match (or occasionally beat) the best iPads, but almost always at a lower price.

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