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In the News "After facing a congressional battering over security concerns, Huawei's carrier networking group is no longer focused on the U.S. market, and instead expects to find ample business in other parts of the world." Let's all not buy Chinese-made products from Huawei so we can buy Chinese-made products from every other brand ever! That totally makes sense!
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RE: Hmm
by Brendan on Fri 26th Apr 2013 09:51 UTC in reply to "Hmm"
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We probably have more to worry about from Intel (SMM, UEFI, TPM, etc.) Maybe the only truly comforting answer is open-source network hardware/software. One can dream.

The only thing worse than potential problems from companies that can be sued, don't like bad publicity and tend to document everything well; is potential problems from random strangers that can't be sued, don't care about bad publicity and typically fail to document anything well.

- Brendan

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