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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "According to new research from Strategy Analytics, global Android tablet shipments have increased 177 percent annually to 17.6 million units. The total number of tablets shipped in Q1 of 2013 was 40.6 million. Since 17.6 million of those 40 million tablets where powered by Android then it means that Android has a 43 percent global share. The other two big operating systems (and their respective eco-systems) in the global tablet market are Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT. Apple still leads the race with a 48 percent market share, while Microsoft has managed to go from nothing (since Windows 8 RT is its first real tablet OS) to a 7.5 percent market share by selling some 3 million Windows based tablets." If these figures are even remotely accurate, we're going to see Android dominate the tablet (in market share) too. Not good. The Windows RT figures are a shimmer of hope, though.
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RE[2]: A disconnect?
by daboochmeister on Fri 26th Apr 2013 20:18 UTC in reply to "RE: A disconnect?"
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Even if Android tablets were outselling iPads now (which they are not as yet) then it would still take a number years worth of sales to even out the web usage statistics.

Actually, in point of fact, when you add in the "grey market" or white-box Android tablet sales, e.g. from the Chinese manufacturers, even conservative estimates (of 5 - 6 million such units) show Android shipping easily more units than iPads.

Two factors I'm surprised no one has mentioned -

1) The counts are for units shipped, not sold ... so you'd expect somewhat of a partially-delayed effect on usage statistics

2) The web usage metrics each have a specific methodology which has to be evaluated to see if it skews data in favor of one or the other product. E.g., NetMarketShare gathers data predominantly from "pay-per-click" sites (78% of the sites submitting data); is it not feasible that iPad users might more frequently end up at such sites, because of either cultural differences or ecosystem differences, where Android users less so?

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