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Java The Lightweight Java Game Library provides a simple API to OpenGL, OpenAL, OpenCL and Game Controllers enabling the production of state of the art games for Windows, Linux and Mac. Version 2.9.0 contains a complete rewrite of the mac backend, support for FreeBSD, new OpenGL/OpenCL extension and bug fixes. The library is used by many high profile games such as Minecraft, Spiral Knights, Revenge of the Titans, Project Zomboid, Starsector, JMonkeyEngine, etc.
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With GC, we often take memory management for granted, but this can cause oversight of unnecessary alloc/frees activity going on under the hood that would have been caught if it were explicit.

This is a good, important point: when GC is available, a lot of developers take memory management for granted, and do not care about it anymore. I have the impression that the newer generations of developers do not even know what exactly is going on behind the scenes. And, personally, I think that you can only fully take advantage of things like e.g. GC if you do know what is going on behind the scenes. For the same reasons, I do think that it's very important to know the complexity of operations on data structures that are included in the vast libaries of e.g. Java and C#. Sadly, I've realized that only very few developers know for example the cost of adding a new element to an ArrayList.

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