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Games "As mentioned earlier, many developers understand the principles behind modular level design, but we hope to offer insights gained from our extensive exploration of this topic. To do this, we'll go over the various benefits and drawbacks we've found over the years, with an emphasis on how to get the most out of the workflow." A glimpse of just how complex one of the best games of this generation really is.
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RE[2]: Not their best side
by bluedodo on Sat 27th Apr 2013 01:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Not their best side"
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You mean fast travel?
I love that. When i played Oblivion i was such a noob i played about 80% of the game before i realised you can fast travel. Imagine that. Probably put 250hrs into that game.

No he means the fact that most dungeons in Skyrim would have a secret passage in the big loot room that would place you close to the exit. I think it is good because I don't have a lot of time to spend playing games so having to trudge back through a cleared dungeon just to leave it is a waste of my time. Also the dungeons were often there to hide some artifact so I think of it as being a one way door used by whoever set the artifact there after they had primed the traps and locks on the way in.

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