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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 13.04 has been released, with the Linux 3.8.8 kernel, a faster and less resource hungry Unity desktop, LibreOffice 4.0, and much more. Ubuntu users will know where to get it, and you're looking for a new installation, have fun. Also fun: UbuntuKylin.
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Swap was always a bottleneck, a modern system shouldn't really need swap given how cheap ram is. Most ram already goes towards disk caching anyways, so there's usually a very large safety margin on systems with 4GB+.

There's the "just in case" factor, but consider this: a user with 2GB ram might be recommended to have an additional 2GB swap, yet Kochise's 8GB of real ram without swap still has a safety margin 3x greater than the 2GB swap. Any set of applications that can run on the 2GB system (which is most of them) should easily be able to run with 8GB. I'd say the need for swap is practically obsolete on performance systems.

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