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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless They're here! Whether that excites you or not remains to be seen, but the Galaxy S4, which will most likely become the best selling Android smartphone of the year by a huge margin, has been reviewed by all the major sites, and there's lots of interesting conclusions in there - although I think most of you will get the gist.
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S4 and HTC One
by SonicMetalMan on Sun 28th Apr 2013 02:18 UTC
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I am HOPING that latest S4 reviews indicate that tech writers are finally removing the rose-colored glasses they've been wearing since the Galaxy S2 was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. I will shamelessly admit that I prefer HTC devices given the problems that I've had with Samsung Android phones, beginning with the dreadful Behold II. Enough said of that disaster other than that phone really made me wonder WTF the Samsung marketing people were thinking. I still plodded onward and upgraded to a Galaxy S and later an S2, but each successive generation left me more baffled at what people saw in the devices. Let me quantify my disdain-

More Bloatware.
FC's and random restarts.
Did I mention insane amounts of Bloatware?
Defective apps designed to replace their prefectly function stock Android equivalents.
Defective LCD in the S2 (literally melted).
Unbelievably fragile.
Moisture sensitive the point that excessive humidity kills them.
Lack of OS updates in a timely manner (or at all).

To be fair I can say that HTC has also orphaned devices without updates but to the best of my knowledge NEVER on a device with a promised update that never materialized, as in the Behold II.
My HTC hardware has been as stable as a rock from my old G1 to my more recent Sensation.

Of course, as always YMMV but this is my rant anyway.

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