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Google Scoble on Glass. "This week I gave five speeches while wearing it. I passed through airports four times (two more in a couple of hours). I let hundreds of people try my Google Glass. I have barely taken it off since getting it other than to sleep." The basic takeaway? "I've been telling people that this reminds me of the Apple II, which I unboxed with my dad back in 1977. It was expensive. It didn't do much. But I knew my life had changed in a big way and would just get better and better. Already this week I've gotten a new RSS app, the New York Times App, and a Twitter app. With many more on the way. This is the most interesting new product since the iPhone and I don't say that lightly."
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by WereCatf on Sun 28th Apr 2013 08:17 UTC in reply to "Comment by krreagan"
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Just wait until the first commuter walks off the curb/platform and gets run over by car/train..... And they thought distracted driving was a problem with phones.

With a phone you have to take your eyes off of whatever you're doing and generally you also lower your head by quite a bit, with Google Glass you only shift your eyes a bit -- it's much easier and faster to take a quick glance with the latter device.

Of course, it can still be a distraction, but the problem is between the person's ears then; if you are doing something that needs your attention then you shouldn't be actively shifting your attention elsewhere. And the people who still do that will continue doing that with Google Glass or with something else. There is no cure for stupidity.

Did you ever hear about the jogger that while listening to his iPod just jogged off a cliff eyes wide open and not seeing what he was doing.?

Pretty sure that's an urban myth.

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