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Hardware, Embedded Systems "One of the things that will never fail to make me happy: seeing people stuck in time explain what modern day technology is. Kim Komando hosted an educational series about computer and explains the basics of its hardware, DOS, Microsoft Windows, Writeand more."
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Oh come on!
by fretinator on Sun 28th Apr 2013 19:00 UTC
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This is nuts. I followed Kim Komando back in the 90's when I was on AOL. She is just a very nice person who has a gift at explaining complex technology concepts to beginning users. I still subscribe to her weekly emails. Now, I am a software engineer, and I've been messing with computers since the 80's. The first computer program I sold was a golf game for the Tandy Model 100 laptop. The reason I still follow her is just because I appreciate a person who does what she does. And, oh my goodness, once in a while there is a useful tip for even someone like me (an interesting Android app for instance).

The kind of arrogance I see in articles like this is such a turn-off. I saw the same kind of attitude in the Linux User Group I used to attend. I have been a full time Linux user since my early fun with the 13 Slackware floppies. It was so much fun getting X and networking working. But I could not stand listening to people make fun of other people who couldn't compile and install a custom kernel. They made fun of Window's users who couldn't grep their way out of a paper bag.

Give attitudes like this a rest. As I said, I'm a software engineer, I know my way around a Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac box. I can develop in C++, Java, PHP, .NET (C#,VB - or Desktop), etc., but I don't look down on folks who just want there computer to be easy to use. When I write an application, I take it as a software defect if the customer doesn't find it intuitive and easy to use.

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