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BeOS & Derivatives When BeOS was still under active development at Be Inc, the project captured the hearts and minds of many who wanted to use a more advanced operating system. Though Be has since gone out of business, it hasn't stopped many of those same individuals from wanting to continue using the operating system. The fact that BeOS is no longer under active development has caused a handful of developers to take on the task of picking up where Be left off. Alan Wilder submitted the following editorial which analyzes the current status of three BeOS projects that are currently under development.
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Spreading misinformation
by Anonymous on Wed 6th Jul 2005 07:09 UTC
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Due to its Open Source development model, the same one the Linux kernel is based on, Haiku progress is slow and plagued with internal political struggles.

Uh? Plagued with internal political struggle? What exactle is the author talking about?

The project claims that through various community channels, many parts of the system are already complete.

This makes it sound as if Haiku is vaporware. The haiku project doesn't have to claim anything,
because all source code is availible. Maybe you should check out the source through SVN and compile it.

Another bottleneck in the Haiku roadmap is that without hardware partners, the project is relegated to old garage-sale systems. For instance, the main development system is a dual-Pentium Pro system over-clocked to 233 MHz...

LOL? What is this guy talking about? This statement shows that this guy obviously has no
idea how operating systems work. It seems that he believes that an OS has to have special code
for every new processor released. This is not how computers work. I am currently booting
Haiku into a GUI (app_server), running simple apps on a AMD Sempron 3000+ bought 6 months ago.

Also, "main development system"? There are Haiku devs from several locations on the globe,
each with their own computers.

Another retarded article from Oh joy.

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