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Amiga & AROS "As computer games became more and more complex in the late 1980s, the days of the individual developer seemed to be waning. For a young teenager sitting alone in his room, the dream of creating the next great game by himself was getting out of reach. Yet out of this dilemma these same kids invented a unique method of self-expression, something that would end up enduring longer than Commodore itself. In fact, it still exists today. This was the demo scene."
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Sweet memories
by moondevil on Mon 29th Apr 2013 07:52 UTC
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So many hours spent with friends listening/doing ProTracker music and dabbling in 68000 Assembly books.

This is why I always seen the UNIX environment as primitive in what concerns multimedia.

Sadly I had to contend with a 386SX PC and visit friends that owned Amiga systems.

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