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Google Some cool new stuff about Google Glass. Jay Lee has confirmed it runs Android 4.0.4, and that it runs on an OMAP 4430 processor, with an unknown core configuration and speed. It's got 628MB RAM, but Lee thinks it's actually 1GB of which the remainder is reserved for something else. Also, and this is good news, Suarik has already jailbroken his Google Glass. He details what he had to do - and the limitations of his work so far - in a comment.
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RE: Hmph
by Fergy on Mon 29th Apr 2013 12:20 UTC in reply to "Hmph"
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Can we please stop using jailbroken in this manner.

In the same way I can replace the operating system on my machine with no hurdles, I can unlock the bootloader and flash a new ROM onto my phone/tablet/glass with a command that Google gives developers…

Jailbreaking is fighting with Apple’s hardware and software restrictions to load software you want on it.

Can we put "pc exclusive" also on that blocklist? Games being exlusive means they got paid _not_ to release it on other platforms.

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