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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The Verge reviews the BlackBerry Q10: "Maybe you're here for the keyboard. As superb as the Q10's physical keyboard is, I keep thinking about the six-year evolution of the soft keyboard since the introduction of the original iPhone. They've gotten so good on every platform - iOS, Windows Phone, Android, even BlackBerry's own Z10. The argument used to be that physical keyboards were for serious users who needed to burn through email, and I just don't think that holds water anymore. Yes, this is the best of a dying breed, but for the life of me, I don't know why someone who's accustomed to a full-touch phone would come back to this." I disagree. Touchscreen keyboards have not improved considerably at all - in fact, I find them just as terrible and unpleasant to use as when they were first introduced on Palm OS and Windows Mobile. A properly designed hardware keyboard - preferably landscape (like on the E7), but portrait will do too - will always run circles around those frustrating software keyboards. Major respect to BlackBerry for sticking to their guns. To anyone making a quality phone with a landscape hardware keyboard (rebadge an E7 for all I care) running Android or Windows Phone: please, take my money. Please.
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Comment by Antartica_
by Antartica_ on Mon 29th Apr 2013 17:38 UTC
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There are several use cases that makes a hardware keyboard the only sane choice for some:

- Typing on a ssh session (system admin tasks on the go)
- Typing in several languages in the same message (although doable changing settings in the soft keyboard, it's a hassle you don't have in the hardware keyboard)
- Typing longer messages. This requires a little more explanation.

About typing longer messages: Perhaps it depends from person to person, but in my experience typing using a software keyboard requires a lot more concentration than in the hardware keyboard variant, and that makes me try to escape it typing the minimum possible (that is, the shortest message possible).

That's it for me. YMMV.

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