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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Oh multitasking. That staple of computing that got thrown out the window with many modern smartphones. We got some rudimentary thing in its place - but even as multitasking on phone and tablets improves, its user-visible side remains cumbersome. Windows 8 has a neat implementation, and now it's time Android follows in it footsteps.
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Webos? Seriously?
by bob_bipbip on Tue 30th Apr 2013 06:29 UTC
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I have to disagree.
The n900 WAS the best indeed, and then after the n9. WebOs only comes in third place.
I cannot speak about bb10, because on the contrary about the three first devices mentioned above, I do not have one. BUT I do have a PlayBook, and I have to say that it is slightly better than WebOs.

Seeing android, iphoneOS and windows phone do worst than windows mobile and symbian makes me sad....

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