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Mac OS X "OS X 10.9, which is internally codenamed 'Cabernet', will focus on various 'power-user' enhancements and take core features from iOS, according to our sources. Unlike operating system updates such as OS X Leopard and OS X Lion, OS X 10.9 will likely not be an overhauled approach to how the operating system feels and functions." Features for power users and features from iOS? Seems like an oxymoron. Still, if they manage to finally fix the Finder and Spaces, I'll be happy.
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RE[2]: I've lost all faith
by Moochman on Wed 1st May 2013 10:20 UTC in reply to "RE: I've lost all faith"
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You can cut and paste in the Finder, though I'm damned if I know why Apple made it so difficult to find. You copy, then move (either hold the option key down when choosing paste from the menu, or press command+option+v).

OMG, this tip alone made my day! ;) Can't wait to astound my Mac-using friends by telling them about this. ;)

Of course, ExFAT is always an option if you want to share large files equally between Mac and Windows (they both support that fully out of the box, though XP requires an update to support it) though it's not well-suited to large, non-flash media.

Another golden tip!! What is the disadvantage if I were to format a large hard drive with ExFAT?

8) Enqueue: because iTunes doesn't let me play files off a network share.
I don't understand this one. iTunes is a steaming pile of shit, but even it has always played files off a network share for me without complaint.

You are indeed correct, I stopped using it so long ago that I forgot the exact problem. The main problem as I recall is that if you absent-mindedly open iTunes without the network share connected and try to play a list of songs from the network, it starts trying to play each one and then marking each as missing. It becomes impossible to stop the process once it's started without quitting ASAP. And if I recall correctly the only way to fix the missing status afterwards is to replay or re-add all of the files. Needless to say I was not impressed by iTunes' handling of network files and was pleasantly surprised by how unproblematic Enqueue is in comparison.

Aside from that Enqueue is nicer than iTunes in many other ways - small footprint, fast, unobtrusive, full-featured yet simple, with an interface like iTunes but with all the cruft removed. It also plays FLAC and Ogg Vorbis if you're into that. The $10 price seems a little high it's true, but for anyone looking for an iTunes alternative I recommend it.

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