Linked by Thom Holwerda on Wed 1st May 2013 17:09 UTC
OpenBSD OpenBSD 5.3 has been released. It's got improvements all over the place, and includes OpenSMTPD 53, the first version considered stable enough for production use. Y'all know where the downloads are.
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RE: 5.4 is going to be way better
by tidux on Wed 1st May 2013 18:50 UTC in reply to "5.4 is going to be way better"
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It's a different, sadder, story if you have a newer AMD GPU. AMD removed proper support for UMS (Userland Mode Setting) in their recent GPUs, including the HD6310 I have, and OpenBSD doesn't have KMS for AMD even in -current, so you get all kinds of shitty GPU bugs like having to reboot to get back into a text console if you need to leave X.

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