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General Development "BlackBerry 10 is completely different from previous BlackBerry operating systemsâ€"with good reason. Its core assets come from a company named QNX, which Research In Motion acquired in 2010. Blackberry 10 features include 'live tiles' that dynamically refresh with new information, as well as a revamped keyboard and security upgrades. But what really makes or breaks a phone is the quality (and quantity) of its third-party apps. So what we'll do here is look at the programming API. That will give us a good grip on what app developers can do with the platform."
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RE[2]: Meh
by WorknMan on Thu 2nd May 2013 00:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Meh"
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You should like you are upset that they exist. Do their existence offend you?

Nah, I just think it's funny, really. Talking about Blackberry possibly making a comeback is like asking if the next Vanilla Ice album might make the top 10 ;) Sure, they might 'carve a niche' for themselves, which is basically the same thing as saying that they'll be an also-ran. They can fight it out with Windows Phone to see who will be a distant third.

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