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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The Q1 2013 numbers from IDC, a technology and telecommunications research firm who keeps track of this sort of thing, show that Android tablets now lead the market with a 56.5-percent share. The 27,800,000 units shipped in the quarter is a 247-percent improvement from this time last year, when just 8,000,000 units were shipped. It's important to note that this increase doesn't come at the expense of Apple, who shipped 65.3-percent more tablets in Q1 2013 than they did in Q1 2012 - it shows the market is growing, and the lions share of new purchases are Android." While Android's market share growth scares me, it's good that it's not really harming the competition. Also, maybe this will be the carrot for developers to improve Android tablet applications.
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RE[6]: Android is scary?
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 2nd May 2013 17:05 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Android is scary?"
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So its nice that Thom and lemur7 and whoever else has a moral objection to what Microsoft does (though I think its more just anger that Microsoft monetizes their baby), but it doesn't make a difference.

No, it does make a difference. If enough people are angry about the application of a law, they (theoretically) can change the law through their government's legislation. Morality/Anger/ whatever you want to call it certainly has been enough motivation to change laws in the past. I think its past time to reevaluate things like patents and see how to better tune them to promote the development of arts and sciences.

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