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Internet & Networking Exactly twenty years ago, a document was published that played a huge role in establishing the web as we know it today. Twenty years later, and this simple and straightforward document is proof of an irrefutable fact: while closed technologies can change markets, open technologies can change the world.
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Oh Lord I'm getting old
by bassbeast on Fri 3rd May 2013 04:48 UTC
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As i still remember the first BBS servers, having to keep flip books full of IP address numbers to get anywhere, the horrible screeching of my modem as it that was so long ago.

/jumps up on soapbox/...Kids today don't know how well they have it today! You think FB is bad? Bah we had Geocities and the cursed Comet Cursor constantly trying to infect your systems with dreck, our spyware included a big talking purple monkey that wouldn't STFU and who told endless jokes made of puns, if you were lucky you MIGHT get that PC unboxed and hooked up before systems twice as fast were on the shelves, and do you have ANY idea how long it took to install an OS with floppies? and it never failed there was ALWAYS one bad floppy, usually the next to last one, so you had better be used to waiting 6-8 weeks for the company to send you another one.

Spoiled rotten kids with their Hulu and free HD porn, all we had was GIFs and a single grainy 15 second GIF could take an hour to download! Fancy flash animation bah, we had the blink tag and we liked it! You get to choose from dozens of sprawling MMOs for free, we all had to use download managers because it would take 5 days if you were lucky to download a single DOOM level and that was all we had!

So you go back to tweeting your twits and your FB hits, you kids wouldn't know the real net if Gopher came up and bit you on the butt!

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