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Amiga & AROS "As computer games became more and more complex in the late 1980s, the days of the individual developer seemed to be waning. For a young teenager sitting alone in his room, the dream of creating the next great game by himself was getting out of reach. Yet out of this dilemma these same kids invented a unique method of self-expression, something that would end up enduring longer than Commodore itself. In fact, it still exists today. This was the demo scene."
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by bassbeast on Fri 3rd May 2013 05:05 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by MOS6510"
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Heck I had a customer that wrote a simulation of a sat going across the sky for his dish selling company back in the day and he said when he ran into trouble with some of the code on the first draft with the Commodore 128 he was using he faxed the company...not only did he get one of the actual chip designers to answer his questions the guy sent him his personal number and they spent a good chunk of a weekend talking on the phone with the actual designer helping him write his simulation!

Back then the companies were smaller and made up of geeks so getting all the nitty gritty on the chip's logic and I/O was just easier to do then than now, and you sure as heck aren't gonna get one of the actual designers on the horn if your last name isn't Gates or Dell.

But while I appreciate some wanting to go back and play with the old gear again because of its simplicity give me a modern system any day of the week. Folks need to appreciate what we have now, that X6 CPU I paid just $105 for is so insanely powerful that if you would have told me at the time I was learning on my VIC 20 about it I would have laughed and told you nobody but a billionaire would ever end up with anything like that, we went from paying from several thousand a Mb of RAM to RAM being so cheap that even my little cheapo netbook has 8GB installed, and my first HDD was just 40MB yet cost nearly twice what the 3TB I have now cost.

We are truly in a golden age of computing so i hope everybody just takes a minute to look upon how incredible we have it now and how far we have come, because its pretty amazing.

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