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Windows "Microsoft's phone chief hates to call the new Nokia Lumia 521 cheap, but the lower-priced smartphone launching in the United States is the company's boldest move yet to win mass market share from leaders Apple and Samsung. The world's largest software company has so far focused on putting its Windows Phone software into expensive, high-end devices - chiefly from Nokia and HTC. But the new model will go on sale at Walmart later this month at an unsubsidized price under $150, relatively cheap for a new phone running up-to-date software without a long-term contract." Windows Phone is racing to the bottom just as fast as Android - with the difference being that expensive Android devices do not fail to sell.
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RE: Forget it, it will fail.
by Nelson on Fri 3rd May 2013 19:37 UTC in reply to "Forget it, it will fail."
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It's already slow, and the on-screen keyboard is cumbersome at that screen size (which is not small in itself, maybe the size of a Galaxy S).

That's strange, I haven't seen much criticism from the Windows Phone keyboard, in fact, I've seen a lot of people (both individuals and reviewers) mention that the keyboard is fantastic and responsive.

Often on my Android devices I would run into the situation where I'd be waiting for the keyboard to catch up with my key strokes. Is this your experience with Windows Phone?

Also, Windows Phone 8 supports auto word flow, in that if you type one word, it intelligently suggests the next word it thinks you may right. Often times it works well, or works okay-ish but I've found it does save me a few key strokes.

I'm unsure if you were aware of that feature, so you may want to try it out. Might make your experience better.

Do you have any suggestions for how the keyboard could be improved?

Added to the fact that the phone barely supports multitasking and reopens most apps you leave instead of resuming them.. It's not much competition at this point for Android.

Windows Phone pervasively supports multitasking. It supports a variety of background tasks including always on turn by turn location, VOIP support, and background audio.

Also, I rarely run into your issue where apps don't resume where they are instantly. Here's a list of apps I use, I'd be interesting in the ones you have that don't exhibit this behavior.

- All stock WP apps
- Twitter
- Facebook
- IM+ Pro
- Fotor
- myTube
- USA Today
- Engadget

I do have a few which don't, but they're mostly WP7 apps that run on my WP8 device, or WP8 apps which don't opt-in to the new behavior.

The fast app resume behavior (distinct from fast app switching, which all apps have via a long back press) is a breaking change which has implications for existing apps (including those ported from WP7 to WP8).

The browser sucks, nokia maps sucks, mail app is confusing as hell, skype sucks (compared to Android/iOS)

The browser, like the keyboard, is also something I've almost never heard complaints about since WP8 launched.

It supports most mature standards, is fast, and hardware accelerated. Whereas on Android, I've experienced extreme lag typing in an address bar on Chrome. Plus its never panned and pinched as smoothly as on Windows Phone.

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