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Windows "Microsoft's phone chief hates to call the new Nokia Lumia 521 cheap, but the lower-priced smartphone launching in the United States is the company's boldest move yet to win mass market share from leaders Apple and Samsung. The world's largest software company has so far focused on putting its Windows Phone software into expensive, high-end devices - chiefly from Nokia and HTC. But the new model will go on sale at Walmart later this month at an unsubsidized price under $150, relatively cheap for a new phone running up-to-date software without a long-term contract." Windows Phone is racing to the bottom just as fast as Android - with the difference being that expensive Android devices do not fail to sell.
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Things aren't going so well for Microsoft
by tuaris on Fri 3rd May 2013 21:33 UTC
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A little over 11 years ago Microsoft bet the farm on something called The .NET Framework. It was a Windows only clone of the Java runtime environment. This turned out to be a poor decision. I (and many others) knew from the beginning it was a failure.

Then came things like:
Microsoft Zune, the iPod Clone
Windows Vista, the OSX/KDE clone
Silverlight, an Adobe Flash clone

Each one an extraordinary failure.

Today it's:
Windows Phone, an Android and iPhone clone
Microsoft Surface, an iPad clone
Windows 8, the iOS clone.

If history is any indicator (and it always is), each of these products will ultimately fail.

.NET was the moment when things started going bad, and Microsoft is looking at finally dropping it. Maybe there is hope.

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