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Google "After reading all the reviews, and talking to people who actually wore Glass, I just see a product plagued by bugs, and of questionable use, that's generating a lot of buzz because people want so desperately to have some new gadget to latch onto, and fear being wrong about the next major technology trend." Nobody wants a computer in their home. Nobody wants a cell phone and always be connected. Nobody wants an iPhone. The current version of this line? Nobody wants Glass. "I haven't worn Glass." Oh right.
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A solution looking for a problem
by cmost on Fri 3rd May 2013 22:25 UTC
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Isn't it already bad enough that most people have a phone glued to their hand non-stop? Do we really need to have a computer plastered to our face too? Is anyone still living in reality or has everyone become so absorbed with social networking and instant gratification that they need to live on-line nonstop? While I think the idea of Google Glass is cool, I can certainly see where many people will turn into instant "glassholes" annoying the shit out of others around them with complete and utter abandon. As the technology advances and such features as facial recognition are added and ever more databases become linked by Google's advanced search technology, I envision a world where people will be able to instantly run background checks on whomever they want at a mere glance. The ability to instantly conjure a virtual all-knowing "invisible" assistant that only a Glass wearer can see and interact with much like a real person will mean people will literally talk to themselves. I shudder to think how distracted people wearing Glass while driving will be with various information overlays status update feeds superimposed over their vision. Privacy will become extinct and social interactions will diminish to the detriment of society. Call me paranoid or delusional but this is where I see this technology going.

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