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Google "After reading all the reviews, and talking to people who actually wore Glass, I just see a product plagued by bugs, and of questionable use, that's generating a lot of buzz because people want so desperately to have some new gadget to latch onto, and fear being wrong about the next major technology trend." Nobody wants a computer in their home. Nobody wants a cell phone and always be connected. Nobody wants an iPhone. The current version of this line? Nobody wants Glass. "I haven't worn Glass." Oh right.
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RE[2]: Resistance is Futile
by M.Onty on Fri 3rd May 2013 23:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Resistance is Futile"
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... deleted my Facebook account because I didn't need it. When people find out about this, they look at me like I'm some sort of alien!

I never got one. Was compelled to discuss this at great length over & over during university, as if it was as inexplicable as, say, refusing to talk to anyone on Tuesdays.

Have you thought maybe not everything is made for everybody?

Well, it sort of is, from the manufacturers point of view. The inevitable final outcome of the industrial revolution.

From the individual's point of view though, you're completely right. I enjoy tech of all kinds, but have come to realise that beyond a minimum level it ceases to augment my life; instead distracting me from things I enjoy much more. Like being in a pub. Or watching the dog get confused by a bumble bee. Or reading novels. Or just not be plugged into to anything at all for a while so you can actually think.

Once you've established the base level, I reckon its best to try & resist the urge to equip yourself any further lest you begin to lose grip on the difference between momentary distraction & deep satisfaction.

Not that this relates specifically to Google Glass. Some people will like it. I might. I hope we don't ever go completely the opposite way to the the author of that article & consider it weird to not wear it.

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