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Google "After reading all the reviews, and talking to people who actually wore Glass, I just see a product plagued by bugs, and of questionable use, that's generating a lot of buzz because people want so desperately to have some new gadget to latch onto, and fear being wrong about the next major technology trend." Nobody wants a computer in their home. Nobody wants a cell phone and always be connected. Nobody wants an iPhone. The current version of this line? Nobody wants Glass. "I haven't worn Glass." Oh right.
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RE: Resistance is Futile
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Sat 4th May 2013 00:38 UTC in reply to "Resistance is Futile"
Bill Shooter of Bul
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The question is: how much did you spend on your watch? Most people I know who still wear watches, wear them as status symbols. Thus, I see watch I think they're self important wind bags who only consider aesthetics important.

If your wearing a timex/casio/swatch. Mad props. I stopped wearing one only because I kept breaking them, and got tired of shopping for watches and then having custom bands put on that fit my strangely shaped wrist.

Edit: So I hope you aren't telling us how practical you are with a watch that costs $500+.

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