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Internet & Networking Exactly twenty years ago, a document was published that played a huge role in establishing the web as we know it today. Twenty years later, and this simple and straightforward document is proof of an irrefutable fact: while closed technologies can change markets, open technologies can change the world.
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RE: Oh Lord I'm getting old
by on Sat 4th May 2013 00:55 UTC in reply to "Oh Lord I'm getting old"
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Actually I do have to make one small point on this one. We did have our choice of countless MMO's that actually required no download time at all.

They were just text based and called MUDs(MUSH,MUCK, MOO... etc). Ah yes... good old fashioned MUDs.

Did anyone else shell out the $10 a month for Gemstone back in the day? LoL.

As for the OP, huge props to CERN for their massive contribution to the internet as we know it today, in a time where open sourcing things wasn't hip or trendy. I didn't even know about CERN's involvement until this article, and I've spent many hours over the course the last 15 years reading up on computer history.

Thank you OSNews for bringing this gem to all our attention.

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