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Internet & Networking Exactly twenty years ago, a document was published that played a huge role in establishing the web as we know it today. Twenty years later, and this simple and straightforward document is proof of an irrefutable fact: while closed technologies can change markets, open technologies can change the world.
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I miss Usenet..
by leech on Sun 5th May 2013 05:12 UTC
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In the great push toward WWW and all that it entailed, we lost Usenet! Well at least Usenet that was provided as part of your ISP package.

When I first got online (not counting BBSs, since they were generally not 'the Internet') back in 1993, there was IRC, FTP, Usenet, Gopher, Email, etc. Most people these days don't know what the hell any of those are except Email, and even then I hear a ton of people thinking that Twitter is better...

At least CERN had WWW opened though, like the other technologies on the Internet. It also opened it up to so many other types of users.

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