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General Development "In order to be an effective programmer, you need to possess a combination of traits that allow your skill, experience, and knowledge to produce working code. There are some technically skilled developers who will never be effective because they lack the other traits needed. Here are seven traits that are necessary to become a great programmer."
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RE: Comment by strim
by kwan_e on Mon 6th May 2013 06:28 UTC in reply to "Comment by strim"
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You got modded up, but the article's first point takes your attitude into account:

have an open mind to sources of knowledge that others may shut out.

Whatever the merits of the technology, you'll still do well to learn the basics of it before it's needed.

You included MSDN in your list, but look at what the article actually says about MSDN:

Researching for answers means more than typing several keywords into a search engine or posting a question at Stack Overflow or the MSDN forums.

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