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Google "Internet giant Google has changed the tagline on the homepage of its Palestinian edition from 'Palestinian Territories' to 'Palestine'. The change, introduced on 1 May, means now displays 'Palestine' in Arabic and English under Google's logo. Using the word Palestine is controversial for some. Israeli policy is that the borders of a Palestinian state are yet to be agreed." Good but daring move.
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RE[8]: Some facts
by adinas on Mon 6th May 2013 08:37 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Some facts"
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Some replies:

The term Palestine was given by the Romans to the province.

Do you know why they changed the name to Palestine? the Roman emperor Hadrian renamed the land of Israel and Judea as Palastina ('Palestine') after the ancient enemies of the Jews - the Philistines. Because of his hatred of the Jews, it was meant to be an insult to dishonor them and remove their history.

Secondly, just because the people didn't have a name doesn't mean they didn't exist, and it certainly doesn't mean that they can be treated as non-existent.

They existed as Arabs. Most Palestinians have as much in common with each other as an Arab in Syria to an Arab in Egypt. I didn't say they didn't exist. The "people" (nation) didn't exist.

Even in Australia, it took a while, but we discarded the concept of Terra Nullis. The aboriginal population didn't have a name either. It doesn't make the British invasion more right.

So Jews who lived in Israel for thousands of years (and others who returned home to Israel after exile) or like the British? and the Arabs who invaded over the course of the past few hundred years are the aboriginal population? Interesting.

You claim Palestinians were a group invented 100 years ago. Well, the concept of the nation-state didn't exist until a few hundred years ago. So by your own argument, there has been no such thing as a state of Israel because you're just hitching on a concept invented a few hundred years ago.

If the concept of the nation-state didn't exist until a few hundred years ago what was the Kingdom of Israel? Israel's claim to the land of Israel has nothing to do with nation-state.

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