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General Development "In order to be an effective programmer, you need to possess a combination of traits that allow your skill, experience, and knowledge to produce working code. There are some technically skilled developers who will never be effective because they lack the other traits needed. Here are seven traits that are necessary to become a great programmer."
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RE: Trait Zero
by Pro-Competition on Mon 6th May 2013 14:48 UTC in reply to "Trait Zero"
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Amen, I could not agree more. This is one area that really pays off.

The situations I've encountered most are either a vague, ambiguous description of what is needed, or a hacked-together requirements doc that is over-detailed in some areas but glosses over others.

If you sit down with the user to see what they are trying to do, you get a sense of their workflow, interruptions and frustrations. The details matter. (It is shocking how saving a mouse-click or two can turn "I hate it" into "I love it".)

This is also where thinking about the future comes in. Eventually you develop a "Spidey Sense" about how the program/process might evolve in the future, where you can save almost total rewrites (or a horrible mess) down the road if you put a little extra design/work in at the start.

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