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Google "After reading all the reviews, and talking to people who actually wore Glass, I just see a product plagued by bugs, and of questionable use, that's generating a lot of buzz because people want so desperately to have some new gadget to latch onto, and fear being wrong about the next major technology trend." Nobody wants a computer in their home. Nobody wants a cell phone and always be connected. Nobody wants an iPhone. The current version of this line? Nobody wants Glass. "I haven't worn Glass." Oh right.
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Comment by jigzat
by jigzat on Mon 6th May 2013 17:37 UTC
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First I don't like Google Glass but I don't think privacy wise that is different to a cellphone or spy gadgets in wristwatches or keychains, even regular voice recorders. If I'm chatting with someone and he has this annoying glasses on I would ask him to please remove them from their face.

I'm more worried about driving safety, this thing although is in front of your sight it is as distracting as using the cellphone while driving (even with a speakerphone) and since is so easy to carry around and hide from police officers people would tend to abuse from them and it might trigger an apparent "plague" of google glass car crashes.

Now on the technical side, I haven't use it, but after seeing long list of google's project cemetery there is high probability of failure as with many other very interesting projects. There is something wrong inside Google, they have lairs filled with gold with great engineers yet they don't seem able to pull anything off different than a search engine. Not even Android because they purchased it from someone else just to give it away and capitalize on the competition market lost.

Google doesn't know what to do with its money, the invest it everywhere just to see if they can stumble upon the next big hit but they are just gambling.

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