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Graphics, User Interfaces "Adobe first launched Creative Suite 1 back in 2003, and now, ten years and six versions later, the company is taking a left turn: Adobe is abandoning its Creative Suite entirely to focus efforts on Creative Cloud."
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RE: finally free of Windows?
by phoenix on Mon 6th May 2013 21:01 UTC in reply to "finally free of Windows?"
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No. This means you can no longer walk into a store, grab a box off the shelf, pay for it once, and use it until the end of time. Now, you have to go to the Adobe website, put in a credit card number, and pay $30 / month in order to use any/all of the Creative Cloud apps. Still need Windows/Mac OS X; these are not new apps, just a new way to pay for using them. ;)

IOW, instead of paying $500-odd upfront to "own" and use the app forever, you now pay $30 every month for the privilege of continuing to be able to use the apps on your computer.

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