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Games Good news by Ars' Peter Bright. "According to an internal Microsoft e-mail sent to all full-time employees working on the next Xbox, 'Durango [the codename for the next Xbox] is designed to deliver the future of entertainment while engineered to be tolerant of today's Internet.' It continues, 'There are a number of scenarios that our users expect to work without an Internet connection, and those should 'just work' regardless of their current connection status. Those include, but are not limited to: playing a Blu-ray disc, watching live TV, and yes playing a single player game.'" Conveniently 'leaked' of course.
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RE[5]: Bluray eh?
by Yoko_T on Wed 8th May 2013 00:29 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Bluray eh?"
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"As a whole, I prefer DVDs because:

- DVDs are less expensive
- DVDs load faster
- They're easier to rip
- They're easier to play on PCs and consume less resources doing so. If you want a hassle-free experience with BR, you pretty much have to pony up for AnyDVD HD. And I can't use a f--king mouse to select menu items on BR either.

You must be watching them on a low-res TV, then; because DVD quality is utter cr*p on HDTVs.

Hey pinhead, there is no quality HDTV period. You're *STILL* watching the same crappy Sporting Events,TV Shows and Movies you always were, you're just stupid enough to actually pay *MORE* to do so.

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