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Google "Internet giant Google has changed the tagline on the homepage of its Palestinian edition from 'Palestinian Territories' to 'Palestine'. The change, introduced on 1 May, means now displays 'Palestine' in Arabic and English under Google's logo. Using the word Palestine is controversial for some. Israeli policy is that the borders of a Palestinian state are yet to be agreed." Good but daring move.
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RE[12]: Some facts
by adinas on Wed 8th May 2013 06:28 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: Some facts"
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LOL. Your friend kwan_e (Who has also been attacking me on my posts) would not be happy to hear that!

But in answer to your question: It is only your misguided opinion that Israel/Palestine is like China/Tibet. If you really learn the history of the region you will understand that Israel was there 1000s of years before anyone mentions a Palestinian people or country.

Not to mention that comparing China's 9,706,961 square km size (1.3 Billion people) to Israel's 22,072 square km size (6 Million Jews) is laughable.

China is the largest country in its region while Israel is surrounded by two dozen Arab and Muslim countries sworn to its destruction who decided that even tiny Israel needs to give up land to create yet another radical Muslim dictatorship that murders gays and women who "dishonor" themselves (This is happening now in Gaza).

Furthermore, Israel is surrounded by 300 Million Muslims who have been artificially divided into countries - hence the reason why there is so much infighting inside these countries. The Arabs are historically divided into "Hamulot" (large families). They are one nation basically which is why there is no "Palestinian People" they are the same as a Jordanian, Egyptian to Syrian Arab (which are the place they came from to Israel)

If all the information you get is from the blatantly one sided media you will only know lies and half truths about what is going on. Try seriously learning about the history and you may have your eyes opened.

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