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Google "Internet giant Google has changed the tagline on the homepage of its Palestinian edition from 'Palestinian Territories' to 'Palestine'. The change, introduced on 1 May, means now displays 'Palestine' in Arabic and English under Google's logo. Using the word Palestine is controversial for some. Israeli policy is that the borders of a Palestinian state are yet to be agreed." Good but daring move.
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RE[18]: Some facts
by adinas on Wed 8th May 2013 11:25 UTC in reply to "RE[17]: Some facts"
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The same international community that gave your country a chance in the first place.

You mean the same community that is made up of dozens of Arab countries + all the countries that depend on their oil + all the world powers who align themselves against American allies like Israel (Russia, China) + the countries who follow those world powers verses tiny Israel? I mean come on! You know politics is what determines what countries support. It has nothing to do with right and wrong or facts. For example, Russia supports Assad who is massacring his people because they don't want Western countries to get influence in Syria.

The Arabs can bring up any anti Israel resolution at the UN and have a majority. They could decide Israelis were little devils with tails and according to you that would become fact because they have a majority.

It seems that only when it comes to Israel, it needs to do what the world tells it regardless of how dangerous it is to its existence.

I'm not sure how to answer your "nation state" comments. We are talking about a piece of land and to whom it should belong, that is all. Does it belong to Israelis or to Arabs. I was just saying that if you think it should belong to Arabs, you should give me your reasoning for it (and No, saying "because the word community says so" isn't a reason)

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