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Windows "After acknowledging its Windows Blue codename publicly in March, Microsoft is getting closer to revealing all about the upcoming Windows 8 update. In an interview with The Verge this week, Microsoft's Windows CFO Tami Reller provided some details on where the company is heading with its Blue project."
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RE[6]: HELLO, Microsoft!
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 8th May 2013 12:55 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: HELLO, Microsoft!"
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Well, I think the biggest problem is that there isn't a definition for optimal. Pretend for a second that it could be mathematically proved that Vim was the most efficient way to edit text possible. However, most people when first using it get stuck trying to figure out how to actually edit text... There is a certain amount of learning that has to take place ( in our scenario) to learn how to use it in the most efficient manner. So part of the argument of efficiency has to be the learning curve. There could be many more factors as well, such as document compatibility, maintenance, and so forth.

So the truth in that cartoon, is really reflecting that. The customer doesn't always even know what requirements for retraining they have for a new system. I think Microsofts error here ( assuming that they are 100% correct, and have designed a perfect UI), is that many vocal people don't want to accept any retraining. Of course, this argument is also used by developers of new systems in cases where even after retraining the new system is much worse than the previous.

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