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Graphics, User Interfaces "Adobe first launched Creative Suite 1 back in 2003, and now, ten years and six versions later, the company is taking a left turn: Adobe is abandoning its Creative Suite entirely to focus efforts on Creative Cloud."
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"What about Paintshop Pro? And are there any decent alternatives to Dreamweaver, that don't involve doing complex CSS layouts with a text editor?"

Funny you should mention PSP, I used and prefer it to Photoshop. I found the multi-mouse-button support to be far superior in PSP. In photoshop it seemed like they designed it for use on a one button mac, which was lame as a windows user.

IMHO PSP got worse after it shifted hands. The Jasc versions were better than Correl's, which wasn't even very stable. I don't know how it ultimately panned out because I don't do graphic editing on windows any more.

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