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Hardware, Embedded Systems News of the year in the technology industry. "The Fit's most important spec its display, with a nod to Sony's TV division: they come with 1600x900 or 1920x1080 touchscreens and nothing else. 'We're not going to offer 1366x768," reps said. 'We've killed that.'" This is Sony's new, simplified entry-level notebook line. Very, very welcome news in a world where even a supposedly "Pro" laptop that costs $1199 ships with... A 1280x800 resolution. This bottom-of-the-barrel crap needs to be eradicated, and good on Sony for taking this step.
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RE: wide screen only :(
by bassbeast on Wed 8th May 2013 16:34 UTC in reply to "wide screen only :("
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I'll probably get hate for saying it but...I don't see a probably with 1366x768 on smaller devices. I have a EEE 1215B 12 inch netbook that runs at that res and I have to say it works fine, websites are easy to read and navigate, movies look fine, running office programs on it is fine, I don't see a problem.

If anything I'd say that trying to jam high res screens into SFF devices? Kinda pointless. Now 16x9, I can see that, but pushing it up to 1080P on a small screen, what is the point? you gonna get a magnifying glass so you can enjoy those teeny tiny pixels? IMHO 1080P and better needs to be at LEAST 16 inches as far as screen size to truly enjoy the better picture, otherwise it just becomes a numbers game.

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