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Legal "The European Commission has accused Motorola Mobility of abusing its standard-essential patents against Apple in Germany. The Commission has sent a Statement of Objections to the company over a misuse of its GPRS patents, which has seen Motorola pursue injunctions against Apple products instead of properly licensing the technology."
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RE[4]: Comment by shmerl
by majipoor on Thu 9th May 2013 01:51 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by shmerl"
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It is not a patent per se, it is a design patent or a trade dress which is a completely different matter.

And for your information and assuming that you care about the truth, Apple did not protect the rounded rectangle shape: the design is a lot more detailed and protect the overall look of a product.

You also have to understand something: all patents or design patents Apple use to sue competitors are easily avoidable: it is easy to build a smartphone or a tablet which does not violate those patents and it would not even imply that the product is not as good as any Apple product.

The problem with SEP patents is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to build a smartphone which do not use the patents. It is the reason why SEP require a FRAND license.

But I know that you and Thom don't care: Apple is evil and whatever the facts, you will always interpret them to fit your agenda.

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